Customer satisfaction starts with optimal employee well-being. ErgoFiciency makes sure that employees are able to work in an efficient manner without risk of injury. 

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Protect Your Most

Important Assets

ErgoFiciency Keeps Your Workforce Productive and Healthy with Our Ground Breaking Ergonomics Program

Decrease Workers  Comp Costs

Increase Productivity

Increase Employee  Wellness

Our Method


Onsite Analysis with a Licensed Physical Therapist Specialized in Injury Prevention 


Custom Tailored Injury Prevention Program Addressing High Risk Areas


Prevent a Companies Biggest Unforeseen Expenses and Largest Money Wastes

Work-Related Injuries are a Costly Expense

Massive Medical Expenses

Loss of Productivity

Decrease in Employee Morale 

Administrative Costs

The Cost of Hiring a Replacement

OSHA Penalties 

Learn How We Help Companies 

Reduce These Expenses Today


Studies have Shown that Investing in Injury Prevention can yield 7x ROI



Each Work-related Injury costs an Average of $38,000 

Of  Workplace Injuries are Preventable with Proper Ergonomics Training

Our Services

We Create a Fully Customized, Progressive Injury Prevention Program for Your Individual Needs.

Stretch & Flex

We can prevent further injury with our one on one consultation before a workplace injury.


We Provide a Wide Array of Wellness Resources for Destressing, Increased Focus, and  Overall Wellness


Our Story

ErgoFiciency was founded based off a passion for making the workplace an area to thrive in.

   Lead Physical Therapist and co-founder has extensive clinical experience with a variety of workplace related injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders. These experiences led him to believe that one of the best ways to help treat these type of injuries, is helping make sure that they never happen in the first place.

After witnessing the burden that workplace injuries place on employers, and how detrimental it can be to workers and their families; his renewed mission was to make the workplace an area for everyone to thrive in.

What makes ErgoFiciency so special is how we handle each situation in a unique and personalized way. Nothing makes us happier than knowing we are making, in some instances, a life-saving difference in the workers' lives; combined with saving companies large amounts of expenses from medical cost savings, decreasing insurance costs, and increasing their employee productivity. 

Our mission and purpose leads to one major question for you: 

Is Your Workplace A Spot Where Employees Thrive Or Just Survive?

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Case Study

The wide range of tasks that my guys have to do: from HVAC installs, removals, and fixes means they have to be ready for their body to be put in a bunch of awkward positions that put them at risk for injury. After a few minor injuries that my workers experience and filing Workers comp claims; I knew I needed to provide something to ensure that my workers are healthy and safe at all times.


I shopped around for all the different options for injury prevention and ergonomics programs and Ergoficiency was clearly the winner out of all of them. Their understanding of how to prevent injuries while strengthening my workers was unmatched, but the best part is how they got my employees to truly buy in.


My guys love Ergoficiency, and I love that we have already seen ROI on medical expenses and our productivity has gone up since partnering with Ergoficiency.

-Saul Consello

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